Exploration in the Arts

Engagement in the arts ignites the imaginations of students in all spheres of study. It sparks the kind of creative thinking that is essential to solving problems and making new discoveries in every discipline and profession. Princeton is committed to giving each undergraduate the chance to pursue -- or awaken -- a passion for artistic endeavor. Today, more Princeton students are engaged with the arts -- including writing, musical performance, dance, theatrical and visual arts, and hands-on study of objects of art -- at more advanced levels than ever before.

Through Aspire, we created:

  • 24 Program Funds for the Lewis Center and the Music Department
  • 12 Program Funds for the Art Museum
  • 4 Fellows in the Creative and Performing Arts
  • 6 Curatorships

“We aspire to create a distinctive educational model that seamlessly integrates the creative and performing arts into an undergraduate liberal arts program that is second to none.”

—President Shirley M. Tilghman