Citizenship and the World

Princeton is preparing its students to become global citizens who can navigate a complex world where the most urgent problems and exciting discoveries transcend national boundaries. The University’s international programs send students abroad to study and work; bring outstanding teachers and researchers to campus from around the globe; and link faculty members with scholars in more than 20 countries through collaborative research networks.

Students also learn through campus centers that promote intercultural understanding and provide insight into economics, public policy, and the ways in which politics, financial markets, and human behavior interact and influence one another.

Through the Aspire campaign, we raised funds to help send into the world 60 Bridge Year students, 287 Global Seminar students, 3,355 study abroad students, and 845 international interns, as well as many more students and faculty to engage in other international opportunities.

Through Aspire, we created:

  • 2 Professorships
  • 19 Research and Innovation Funds
  • 4 Graduate Fellowships
  • 90 Program Funds
  • 6 Internship Funds
  • 4 Lecture and Disclosure Funds

“By increasing the ‘porocity’ of the campus through increases of both export and import of people and ideas, we will ensure that Princeton’s scholarly energy will be felt throughout the world.”

Princeton in the World Report by President Shirley M. Tilghman and Provost Christopher L. Eisgruber ’83