By the Numbers

$1.88 B 271,559 65,120 8,338
TOTAL RAISED exceeded the original goal of $1.75 billion and represents substantially more than any campaign in Princeton's history. TOTAL GIFTS were made to Aspire from alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations. TOTAL DONORS have strengthened Princeton for the future. VOLUNTEERS worked together, encouraging their classmates and friends to contribute.
$254.5 M 77.3% $374.4 M 245
FROM ANNUAL GIVING which set multiple records during Aspire, bringing AG's total since its inception in 1940 to over $1 billion. PARTICIPATION was achieved by undergraduate alumni from 85 classes. IN FY12 the highest one-year fundraising total in Princeton's history. ALUMNI, PARENTS, AND FRIENDS achieved $1 million in cumulative giving during Aspire.
$1.40 B $167.2 M $85.1 M $249.3 M
FROM ALUMNI at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. FROM CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS will fund programs in the arts, scientific research, engineering, and more. FROM PARENTS of Princetonians past and present. FROM BEQUESTS AND PLANNED GIFTS from farsighted Princetonians who included Princeton in their estate plans and established trusts.
$140.3 M $20.1 M 145 26
FOR UNDERGRADUATE AID will help make a Princeton education possible for talented students of all financial backgrounds. FOR GRADUATE AID will help support the next generations of scholars. SCHOLARSHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPS were created to support promising undergraduate and graduate students. ENDOWED PROFESSORSHIPS in multiple disciplines will recognize and help recruit the finest teacher-scholars.