The Princeton Experience

World-class faculty members leading talented students on a journey of teaching, learning, and discovery are at the heart of the Princeton experience. Their work together is augmented by an array of athletic endeavors, extracurricular activities, and service projects, all of which encourage students to expand their perspectives, explore new possibilities, and realize that they can make a difference to the world.

Thanks to the University’s generous financial aid policies, this life-changing experience is available to all admitted students, regardless of their economic circumstances.

Through Aspire, we created:

  • 26 Professorships
  • 7 Preceptorships
  • 120 Undergraduate Scholarships
  • $140.3 M for Undergraduate Aid
  • $20.1 for Graduate Aid
  • 25 Graduate Fellowships

“The increasing wealth of campus life activities, and the flourishing spirit of our diverse and healthy community, will help attract a wider range of talented students. And in turn, Princeton will offer them a more robust and rounded education.”

—President Shirley M. Tilghman